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Novellas and Standalone Novels

Sometimes, I want to write about a character but they don't get a series. An interesting side character or maybe someone who will potentially show up in later books and series.

Here is where you find those stories or the anthologies they are currently in.


Call of Magic is an amazing anthology being brought by several urban fantasy, fantasy, and paranormal romance authors.

Inside, you'll find ANCIENT AND IMMORTAL, a story about Zuri!

Jacky Leon's sister, the oldest daughter of Hasan... has secrets. Several of them, in fact.

But really, all she wants is a vacation. Instead, she's going to find her own adventure. A scarred Immortal is going to join her, a man named Kushim. She doesn't know him and more interesting, he doesn't know her.

But this ancient werecat was once a queen and he will always be a bandit and their startling connection will change their lives.