Where were the blog posts all December?

Well, I took a vacation and the blog ended up taking a vacation for the holidays too. I'm also not a hugely publicly sentimental person. I have lots of feelings, lots of things I think and may want to say, but I tend to keep much of that to myself. During a hugely sentimental time, it's actually harder for me to be sentimental.

I'll be vulnerable for a moment too. I also suffer from holiday depression, so add that to the mix and suddenly, while many others are making deeply moving posts, I am utterly silent. It's not because I don't have those feelings. Those feelings of gratitude and love for all of you. I just have a much harder time expressing it.

Now, onto the blog post. Let me try to say something a little sentimental.


2020 is finally over.

And I love all of you for supporting me through the year. I hope you all found something reading my words and that they made this a little less... well, 2020.

And that's all I got without embarrassing myself.

It's funny though,, as the year ends I'm writing an ending. I'm writing The Avatar's Flight right now.


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