Bounty Hunters and Black Magic

Witch of the Wild West

Book One

Somewhere, there’s a town called Redstone, home to a plethora of supernatural beings just looking to survive the harsh world of the Wild West. Local residents include the werewolf pack, the werecat pride, and the vampires running the brothel. Somehow, they make it work.

Meet Adalyn Lovett, the local and only witch of Redstone and a bone to pick with anyone who wants to cause problems for her home. After losing the town sheriff to a demon attack the year before, she’s taken the task of protecting Redstone on herself. The idea? If any demon outlaws roll through, she’ll have the magic and skill to banish them, protecting everyone. She just needs to test the spell, a little piece of illegal black magic she shouldn’t even have. Not too hard. Just banish a demon with it.

Things seem to be going as planned until they don’t. Adalyn has brought all manner of things home with her without even knowing. Demons, bounty hunters, and an aggravating, warlock US Marshal who thinks he knows best.

Adalyn’s got a bit of a mess to clean up.
A sexy mess, but a mess nonetheless.