An Urban Fantasy Series

Jacky Leon

The story of Jacky Leon, a werecat in a world where the supernatural is real and monsters that go bump in the night make people lock their doors. Follow her as she grows into her own, finds her place in the world, and bites off more than she can chew at every turn.

Oath Sworn
Book One

Released July 15, 2019

Jacky Leon isn’t someone who goes looking for trouble. She owns a bar, pays her taxes, and serves her drinks cold outside a small town in Texas. The fact that she’s a werecat is just something she’s had to live with. Alone in her territory, she’s lived a secretive life for six years: under the radar, avoiding her past and the baggage that comes with it.

Trouble finds Jacky, though, in the form of an eleven year old girl and a werewolf turf war just outside her borders. Forced to honor an ancient treaty and the Laws of the supernatural world, Jacky swears an oath to protect Carey Everson, the human daughter of a local werewolf Alpha from Dallas.

When his enemies come after Jacky and her charge, she’s going to have to embrace the more dangerous side of who and what she is. She’s going to have to challenge the very Laws that govern her kind.

And nothing is going to stop her from honoring her word.

Family and Honor
Book Two

Released November 15, 2019

Jacky Leon got away with it. She defended a little human girl, made a few unlikely acquaintances, and survived to tell the tale. Now she’s the only werecat in the supernatural community who can say a small family of werewolves lives in her borders.

That isn’t a good thing, though. As news of her heritage and relation to Hasan becomes more well known, Jacky finds herself in the spotlight, slammed with guilt over recent werecat problems and her duty as a daughter of Hasan. Having ignored the supernatural world and its politics for so long, she had no idea what sort of repercussions would come from her actions to defend Carey Everson. Ignorance can no longer be her shield.

Jacky wants to do better. She’ll step up to her responsibilities and stop running. She’ll learn how to live up to the obligations and expectations of her family.

Her honor demands it.


Book Three

Planned for APRIL 2020

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