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When does [insert book] release?

Well, this is both easy and difficult to answer! All of my active series get a release every 4 to 6 months, with the timer starting when the previous book dropped. So, if the Example Book 1released in January, Example Book 2 would released in the area May to July. Exact release dates aren't confirmed until there's a preorder.

How many books will be [insert series]?

1. Age of the Andinna: 7 books 2. Jacky Leon: 12 books 3. Kaliya Sahni: 6 books 4. Witch of the Wild West: 5 books (ON HIATUS) Completed: The Redemption Saga Kingson Pride Wolves of Wild Junction

When will [insert audiobook] release?

Jacky Leon audiobooks are being worked on, but they release several months after the initial paperback and ebook release. These things take time for me and my team. I'm sorry for the wait. The Redemption Saga audiobooks will most likely never finish. None of my other series are getting audiobooks or have audiobooks at this time.

Witch of the Wild West

Witch of the Wild West is on hiatus for a variety of both personal and professional reasons. I don't have more of an explanation than that. It is my only series on hiatus and I hope to never have another.

I want [insert POV chapter idea] (and other POV related questions)

I'll write that down, but I write free POVs in my free time and I normally do it as a reward for readers when they review newly released books. Review books, get more POVs. The one you want might show up. Some have asked POVs to be released into their own book. Sorry. The currently free POVs are unlikely to make it into their own collection book. More likely, a collection of shorts and novellas will be all exclusive content written for release. Some have asked for POVs to be released onto this website:
They're coming. It's being worked on.

Where can I get regular or signed paperbacks?

Well, normal paperbacks are available on Amazon. Just change the format on Amazon to paperback and it will be right there. (For some reason, not available in all countries. Go bother Amazon until they fix it) Signed paperbacksare only available in person or through giveaways.

Why are your books only available on Amazon?

Because I'm in Kindle Unlimited which requires (most) authors to be exclusive. If you find and download my book online through any other site, it's piracy. Please don't. I have 5 pets to feed.


Can I contact Kristen/K.N. Banet privately?

Certainly! The Contact page is attached to the About page. Or I can just link it HERE! However, if you send a message with questions answered in this FAQ, the email might get lost. Or you just might recieve a link to this page.

Excuse me, but I noticed an error...

Go to the Contact page ( link ) and let me know, if you feel so inclined. If I don't personally see your message, my assistant Andi probably will and send the information along to me.

Conventions, Signings, and More

There's currently no planned signings or convention appearances. I'm sorry. Every time I schedule to one, either my life gets in the way or the universe gets in the way. Maybe one day, I'll get to meet you! Signed paperbacks were once available through an Etsy store. Currently the only way to get one is to win one through a giveaway I run through the blog or (more likely) in my Facebook group or on my Facebook pages.


Yeah, I'll do them. Feel free to head on over to the Contact page ( link ) and ask about an interview.Andi (my assistant) or I will get back to you about what questions you need answered, if you need any graphics for my books, and all of that. I promise, I'll answer the interview questions, not Andi. She just helps me stay on top of all the moving pieces.

Where can I find you online or interact with Kristen?

You can find me mostly on Facebook, in my reader's group!

Where is Kristen located?

Arizona. I platonically love you, but no, you can't visit.

Can I get an Advanced Reader/Review Copy of [insert unreleased book]?

Reader: Possibly? Contact us and Andi will talk it over with you. We limit this because of the risk of pirated copies getting out before a release. Blog reviewers, video reviewers: Yes! If you reach out, Andi has got you covered. We would love to add you to the initial ARC list!

What's the difference between Kristen Banet and K.N. Banet?

Well, it's a genre thing. K.N. Banet: I write MF (male/female relationship) Urban Fantasy here. And possibly MF epic fantasy one day as well. Kristen Banet: I publish reverse harem series under this name. Paranormal romance, urban fantasy, and epic fantasy. If it has any sort of reverse harem in it, it's under this name. And yes, urban fantasy and epic fantasy can be reverse harem (check out The Redemption Saga or Age of the Andinna from me). So can horror, YA, and more. There's loads of amazing authors pushes the bounds of reverse harem and taking it into new genres.


I have a husband, you can call him Nick. And then there's the zoo: Sif, the border collie. He's the goodest boy that loves fetch and will nicely give you his toy for you to throw. All the time. It never stops. Carbon, the cardigan welsh corgi. She's not the goodest girl 99% of the time, but if you catch her while she's sleepy, she'll cuddle with you. Io, the tabby cat. Older, cranky, hates everyone and everything and really wants you to leave her alone. Hades, the black cat. Chaos incarnate. Kore, the siamese mix thing. She's crossed eyed and strange, but we love her any ways.

Age of the Andinna

Will Alchan and Mave get together?


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